Each of our speakers has extensive experience speaking at conferences, events, church services or as a consultant for a team or small group of leaders.  Below you will find an introduction to each member of our team, a biography and details on their specialty.


Paul Maconochie

Paul is married to Elly and they have two teenage girls, Grace and Hannah. From 2004 to 2014 Paul led the church in Sheffield where much of Lifeshapes and the other 3DM tools and principles were developed, following Mike Breen as Senior Pastor. During this time the church grew significantly through Missional Communities based all over the city. Paul also helped to establish 3DM Europe and the UK 3DM Network during this time (now called Kairos Connexion). In 2014 he and his family moved to the USA, where he now works as a Pastor at Grace Gathering, New Haven Indiana and leads the 3DM National Team.


  • Transitioning church culture towards mission and discipleship; especially with larger churches

  • Coaching and equipping leaders of church networks and denominational streams to operate movementally

  • Equipping Pastors and everyday folks in churches to engage with the spiritual gifts in Biblical, non-wacky ways

Contact: paulmaconochie@3dmovements.org

bob rognlien

Bob and Pam have been married for 28 years, have two married sons and two granddaughters. Their passion is empowering everyday people to walk more closely in the Footsteps of Jesus as a way of life that multiplies disciples and extends God's Kingdom. Bob and Pam live in Southern California half the year, developing new 3DM Hubs across western North America. The other half of the year they spend leading people on unique spiritual pilgrimages in the Middle East following the Footsteps of Jesus and the Footsteps of Paul. They spend their summers at the family cabin in Montana where Bob focuses on writing. He is the author of A Jesus-Shaped LifeEmpowering Missional Disciples, and the soon-to-be-released, Rediscovering the Way of Jesus


  • Transitioning established churches into a culture of empowering missional disciples.

  • Introducing people and organizations to the biblical Vision, Values, and Vocabulary of 3DMovements.

  • Drawing on the insights of biblical history, culture, and archaeology to implement the Way of Jesus in postmodern contexts.

  • Incorporating the 3DM Vision, Values, and Vocabulary in parachurch organizations and denominational networks.

Contact: bobrognlien@3dmovements.org

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gina mueller

Gina trains leaders and teams how to create a culture of discipleship that results in a mobilized church.   As a practitioner, she’s done the hard work of going first.  Gina has led teams and served in various contexts – shifting the culture of a mega church as well as church planting. She has trained leaders across denominations from churches of all sizes. Gina is passionate about awakening the church to live into her sentness by activating the missional creativity of ordinary people.  Gina speaks to both leaders and lay people at conferences, denominational gatherings, and churches around the country. She is currently leading a 3dm Hub working in the Upper Midwest and the Northeast, as well as Chair of the national board for 3DM. Gina loves hanging with her neighbors, her local coffee shop, and pizza night with her family!


  • strategically coaching church leaders and church planters to create a culture of missional discipleship

  • practical missional strategies for ordinary people in everyday life

  • mobilizing churches to reach a city/region

  • equipping women in discipleship and mission

Contact: ginamueller@3dmovements.org


Jeff is a Barnabas-like encourager who invites leaders to be relationally engaged and spiritually ignited as they put disciple-making tools into practice in their life and context. Jeff is the pastor of Faith Community Church and is the Denver 3DM Hub Leader. As pastor of a smaller church in a mainline denomination, Jeff is an experienced practitioner who has navigated the challenges of adaptive change to build a discipling culture in his context. Jeff’s book “Small Church on a BIG Mission: Cultivating Missional Discipleship in Smaller Churches” provides an authentic account of the journey of personal transformation, of the practical realities engaged, and the purposeful direction undertaken in their church context. Jeff and his wife Elyse reside in Littleton, Colorado. Elyse is a certified coach for 3DM while also serving as a Biology teacher at Columbine High School. In addition to equipping leaders across the states, Jeff also leads a disciple-making mission equipping leaders in Latvia. Jeff and Elyse have three adult children - Sandy, James and Kristin. Jeff is passionate for family on mission and for fly-fishing.


  • Relationally engaging and spiritually igniting pastors in smaller churches

  • Providing practical equipping for adaptive change – Go Slow to Go Far!

  • Strategic coaching to help leaders create a culture of missional discipleship

  • Living the Adventure of a Lifetime: A journey of Relate, Reveal, Release, and Rejoice

  • Square equipping that Invites, Engages, and Releases disciples to take the lead

Contact: jeffallen@3dmovements.org

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chris norman

Chris is married to Kathy, and they have four kids. Chris is a proud University of Michigan grad and fan and has theological degrees including a Doctor of Ministry degree.  Chris is the senior leader of Grace Gathering, a non-denominational church in the Greater Fort Wayne, IN area, and has been there since 1995.  Chris and Kathy know the ups and downs of ministry and are grateful to have the experience of a long-term stay in one church.   While many leaders and ministries have impacted Chris over the years, 3DM has significantly impacted his marriage, his parenting, and his leadership capacity to lead his church into a growing culture of missional discipleship.  Chris is a practitioner who has a desire and calling to not only live out missional discipleship in his own setting but also invest in other leaders.  He is also the 3DM Hub Leader of the Central Midwest Region in the U.S.


  • How to calibrate enough pioneering challenge with enough care for people that creates sustainable culture change in the church.

  • How to help the ministries of a church develop a consistent direction, philosophy of ministry, and discipleship language, which creates unity and alignment.

  • How to develop marriage partnership in ministry as the foundation of leading a spiritual family.

Contact: chrisnorman@3dmovements.org


Gwen Adams has been married to Mark for 31 years. They have four grown children, all married, and five grandchildren. Gwen has spent 23 years in women’s ministry and as a discipleship pastor. For fifteen years she and her husband served in ministry together at ChangePoint church in Anchorage, Alaska, where Gwen started a multi-church women’s ministry called RefresHer. With 900 women in regular attendance Gwen and her leadership team believed the group was big enough to make a significant dent for the better in the community. At that time, Gwen was asked by then Governor Sean Parnell, to take part in the Task Force for Crimes of Human Trafficking in Alaska. She travelled around the state with the attorney general and a team of 8 to explore the reality of this crime on the governor’s behalf. Her nine months on the team were difficult and dark. She knew that God was calling her to lead the faith-based community to fully engage in taking on this growing issue.

Gwen started a non-profit called Priceless which is an organization that trains up the faith community to mentor survivors of sex trafficking. In addition to the mentoring program, Priceless has grown and now has a legislative team, cyber-sex crimes team, street outreach team and prison team.

With 80% of sex trafficking survivors having spent time in a broken foster care system, Gwen, with her team, has now launched a new initiative with aged out foster kids called Chosen.

Gwen regularly speaks and challenges the church communities to engage in the margins. As the faith community owns the justice issues and works in collaboration with law enforcement, government and networks with other agencies, the church as a chance to leave an indelible mark in the community and become a force for change that the no one else can. It is in that context that she, the church, earns the right to boldly share the gospel.

Contact: GwenA@pricelessalaska.org