Biblical Supernatural Ministry, in a Natural Way 

As we aim for our lives and ministries to imitate the life of Jesus in discipleship and mission, we begin to recognize that a significant portion of Jesus’ life included supernatural ministry. If we’re going to imitate Jesus, then we too have to see supernatural ministry as a crucial component of what we do. Why don’t see the signs and wonders that Jesus did in our own lives and ministries? Often it’s because we’ve seen it practiced or talked about in weird, manipulative, and, possibly, harmful ways. Naturally Supernatural aims to bring a Biblical, non-wacky, natural approach to imitating the supernatural life and ministry of Jesus.




Come lean into the Lord and learn from missional leaders who have gone before you.

Naturally Supernatural workshops are hosted by local churches and take place on a Friday night through all day Saturday. The workshop will include various segments, such as times of teaching input, Q & A, worship, small group processing, times of training and personal application as well as breaks and lunch.

1.       Living a Naturally Supernatural Life

2.       Hearing God

3.       Healing and the Spiritual Gifts

4.       Spiritual Warfare

To schedule a workshop, or for questions regarding Naturally Supernatural, contact Paul Maconochie.



Accessible Prophecy is a ministry within Natural Supernatural that goes deeper into the prophetic, helping local churches grow a healthy and mature prophetic culture. We believe that every Christian can hear God for themselves, that hearing God for others is a gift that is active today, and that prophets are called to equip the Church to do those two things in a normal and accessible way. We do this by investing tools and frameworks that are holistic, grounded, and multipliable in both individuals and teams. These investments happen through the vehicles of workshops, huddles, and learning communities. When prophecy becomes a part of the culture of your life and church it will resource discipleship and empower mission.



If you would like to grow personally in your journey of hearing God and using the gift of prophecy we offer in-depth coaching on growing in the prophetic.

Coaching Huddles operate on a bi-weekly basis over the course of a year and are conducted using video conference. They last 75 minutes, have between 4 and 5 participants and are led by one of our experienced coaches. In these calls, you’ll have an opportunity to understand and process key Biblical principles of hearing God, as well as learning essential tools for discipleship. In addition you will receive the practical skills to equip you to disciple other people in your context and release them into prophetic ministry.


Local Prophetic Workshop

If you would like to bring the content of this workshop to your geographical area, local church, or network – we’d love to partner with you. Workshops take place on Friday nights through all day Saturday and include times of teaching input, worship, demonstration, and practice.


Prophetic Learning Community

The aim of a Prophetic Learning Community is twofold:
1. To develop a relational network of people who have a heart for growing and developing prophetic culture and ministry in their local churches.
2. To train and equip participants with all of the principles, skills, and tools necessary to grow and release this prophetic culture in their context.

Prophetic Learning Communities are composed of church teams from around the country who gather once every 6 months for input, encouragement, challenge and goal-setting. They are a great way for any church to intentionally grow and expand prophetic ministry in a supportive environment.

For more information about workshops, huddles, and learning communities, or for questions regarding Accessible Prophecy, contact Brandon Kelly.