Gina Mueller lives with her husband and two kids in Minnesota.  She has been a part of the 3dm movement since 2008 and has led in both large church contexts as well as been a part of planting a church, launched and multiplied a movement of missional communities and discipled leaders nationally.  She is currently chair of the national 3dm board as well as leading the Hub for the Upper Midwest and Northeast regions.

Contact: ginamueller@3dmovements.org


Paul Maconochie works at Grace Gathering and heads up a team who resource and equip the Hubs for 3D Movements. Paul and his wife Elly have two teenage daughters, Grace and Hannah. They are passionate about seeing a growing movement of discipleship in our culture, with every day people being equipped to live like Jesus.

Contact: paulmaconochie@3dmovements.org




Bob and Pam have been married for 28 years, have two married sons and two granddaughters. Their passion is empowering everyday people to walk more closely in the Footsteps of Jesus as a way of life that multiplies disciples and extends God's Kingdom. Bob and Pam live in Southern California half the year, developing new 3DM Hubs across western North America. The other half of the year they spend leading people on unique spiritual pilgrimages in the Middle East following the Footsteps of Jesus and the Footsteps of Paul. They spend their summers at the family cabin in Montana where Bob focuses on writing. He is the author of A Jesus-Shaped LifeEmpowering Missional Disciples, and the soon-to-be-released, Rediscovering the Way of Jesus

Contact: bobrognlien@3dmovements.org


Mike McCoy is the senior pastor of Vineyard Church, Concord, and the treasurer of 3D Movements. He has been married for forty marvelous years to Mary Anne. They have two wonderful daughters—Becca and Jenny—and five awesome grandchildren. Mike leads the 3DM San Francisco Hub with Art Barrett, Sean Blomquist, and a team of incredible frontier leaders.

Contact: mikemccoy@3dmovements.org



Chris Norman is the senior leader of Grace Gathering in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and leads the 3DM Hub there. Chris is married to Kathy, and they have four kids. Chris and Kathy are humbled and honored to serve leaders and churches across the midwest region.

Contact: chrisnorman@3dmovements.org


Jo is a wife to Kevin for almost 25 years and mum of 2 beautiful teenage girls (she blinked and they grew up so fast!).  Jo is honored to serve on the Board of 3DM and has been a part of the movement in various capacities for over 10 years.  She loves to travel, loves Starbucks and to cook for family, friends and neighbors.

Contact: jorapps@3dmovements.org

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Jeff Allen of Littleton, Colorado, has been with Faith Community Center and Church since 2005. Jeff is engaged with promoting discipleship both in his community and beyond.  In addition to serving as a local church pastor and Denver 3DM Hub leader, Jeff also co-leads the Together in Mission Networkalong the Front Range in Colorado.  Jeff also engages in disciple-making and equipping of leaders in the Baltic region. Jeff and his forever girlfriend Elyse have three children, Sandy, James and Kristin.

Contact: jeffallen@3dmovements.org


Gwen Adams has been married to Mark for 30 years. They have four grown children, all married, and five grandchildren. Gwen has spent 23 years in women’s ministry and as a discipleship pastor. Gwen started a non-profit called Priceless which is an organization that trains up the faith community to mentor survivors of sex trafficking. In addition to the mentoring program, Priceless has grown and now has a legislative team, safe house shelter, cyber sex crimes team, street outreach team, prison team and men’s outreach team to compassionately address sex addiction and reduce the demand.

Contact: GwenA@pricelessalaska.org


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Pat Dirkse planted City Church of Compton in 2010 and is currently the lead pastor there.  He is married to his wife Julie and has 2 children, Joshua and Anna.  Pat and Julie love to lead together.  Pat leads the Southern California 3DM Hub and is passionate about helping church planters, business leaders and those in urban settings implement discipleship and mission.

Contact: patdirkse@3dmovements.org